Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

Wipro Water offers a wide range of activated carbon filters - ACF, for varied applications to meet specific process requirements. The activated carbon filter (ACF) works on the principle of adsorption. The medium adsorbs or reacts with pollutant molecules as the water is filtered through. ACFs are designed to remove free chlorine, organic matter, odour and colour present in raw water and wastewater. The filter consists of various grades of carbon granules supported by gravel, pebble and sand. Grades of carbon are used according to the type of treatment required. The activated carbon has the optimum iodine value for effective removal of contaminants. Our ACFs are used as second stage filtration post MGF/PSF in effluent, sewage, water treatment plants, ETP, STP, WTP.


  • Long-life activated carbon with high adsorption capacity (900 Iodine value) for dechlorination, removal of organic contaminants and colour
  • Provides consistent treated water quality
  • Non corrosive FRP used for pressure vessels with UPVC front piping
  • Designed to work at 3.5 - 5.0 Kg/cm2 pressure and for feed TSS of < 5 ppm
  • Available in MSEP/MSRL material also
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