Activated sludge process

Wipro Water offers the activated sludge process – ASP, a conventional aerobic biological treatment for complex industrial wastewater treatment. ASP requires large areas to set up and is the most reliable technology to treat all types of biological loads in wastewater. It provides the highest degrees of treatment obtainable within the limits of a practical economy. The ASP depends upon groups of microorganisms - bacteria, along with protozoan, fungi and rotifers, kept in contact with organic matter in wastewater in an aerobic (oxygenated) environment. An activated sludge system establishes and maintains a viable population of microorganisms to convert soluble and colloidal material present in the wastewater into activated sludge, CO2 and water.

Wipro Water designs, constructs and integrates ASP plants for industries and municipalities where there is a continuous supply of wastewater with uniform and nutritionally adequate organic content - highly variable organic loads would be undesirable. The incoming wastewater is mixed with microorganisms in an aeration basin with a continuous supply of dissolved oxygen via a blower for diffused aeration. The wastewater is then led to a settling tank / clarifier where separation of mixed liquor solids from the liquid carrier is completely and efficiently carried out.

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