Condensate Polishing Unit

Wipro Water designs, integrates and manufactures condensate polishing units (CPU) that work on the principle of ion exchange technology for the removal of trace dissolved minerals and suspended matter. These units are installed at several industries with boilers, steam generators, reactors and turbines to remove impurities (predominantly silica oxides and sodium) in condensing steam that is used as feed water. Dissolved (i.e. silica oxides) and suspended matter (i.e. iron oxide particulates from corrosion, also called 'crud'), as well as other contaminants, that cause corrosion are effectively removed by condensate polishing treatment.

Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Polishing

Wipro’s mixed bed polishing systems generate ultra-high purity water with a near-neutral pH and low rinse water requirements. Cation resin exchanges hydrogen (H+) for cations (i.e. sodium), while anion resin exchanges hydroxyl (OH-) for anions (i.e. chloride). Hydrogen and hydroxide combine to form water, thereby purifying the incoming water. As the resins effectively remove the last traces of salinity and silica from pre-treated water, a purer water is achieved (~18 Megaohm-cm), depending on feed water quality.

Our mixed bed exchangers are ideal for polishing certain types of pre-treated water streams for use as process condensate and feed water for several industries.


  • Consistent high-purity water
  • Can handle high variations in feed water chemistry
  • Proven, long operating history
  • Most plant operating personnel are familiar with this process
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