Cooling tower water makeup

Wipro Water provides sustainable and complete solutions for cooling tower make-up water treatment considering a wide range of technologies and strategies. Wipro Water develops solutions to deliver more stable water quality, lower fouling and corrosion, reduction of chemicals used and process optimization. Technologies we leverage for make-up water treatment include ultrafiltration, activated carbon, multimedia filtration, reverse osmosis, closed circuit reverse osmosis, ion exchange softening, electro-dialysis reversal, chemical conditioning.

Cooling towers are an integral component of many cooling systems that provide comfort or process cooling. Wipro Water designs cooling tower systems that efficiently dissipate heat and sure that heat transfer surfaces remain clean. Taking into consideration the variations in the water source and their open operating environments, we ensure that cooling towers we design and manufacture address corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbiological activity. These factors can significantly reduce the efficiency of the cooling towers. Water makeup to a cooling tower is necessary to replace the mechanical carryout of water droplets (windage), evaporation, and the blow down required to maintain a controlled solids build-up.

Side Stream Filtration

Side stream filtration systems area cost-effective method to address water concerns through filtering suspended solids, organics, and silt particles, out of the cooling water. This reduces the likelihood of fouling and biological growth, which in turn helps to control scaling and corrosion. This results in both water and energy efficiency gain due to a reduction in the amount of water discharged from the cooling system and a decrease of scale formation on the heat transfer surfaces.

Wipro Water provides a variety of solutions to handle side stream filtration - centrifugal separators, automatic screen filters, plastic disc filters, and sand filters.

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