Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

Wipro Water's MBR technology is a future-proof solution for treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater. It allows you to maximize resource recovery, minimize costs and implement a circular-economy perspective in your operations. Wipro Water's membrane modules bring together the advantages of hollow fibre, flat sheet and multi-tubular technologies. The treated water is good for recycling applications like sanitation, gardening and cooling towers.

A membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a wastewater treatment processes where a perm-selective membrane - microfiltration or ultrafiltration, is integrated with a biological process − specifically a suspended growth bioreactor. A membrane bioreactor is essentially a version of the conventional activated sludge (CAS) system. While the CAS process uses a space dependent secondary clarifier or settlement tank for solid/liquid separation, an MBR uses a membrane for this function.

MBR technology addresses increasingly stringent environmental regulations for the recycling and reuse of wastewater. Increasing urbanization and the rise of smart cities brings to focus the centralized sewage treatment plants (STP) that is looking to MBR technology to augment existing STP’s.

Advantages of Wipro Water’s MBR include

  • Minimized power consumption
  • Reduced cleaning needs
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Maximized capacity

Key features of Wipro Water MBR

  • Treated quality with < 1 NTU turbidity and < 5 ppm BOD
  • Can directly fed to a RO system avoiding pre filtration stages MGF, ACF and UF
  • Complete automated plant easily integrated to a BMS system through SCADA or PLC
  • Compact system with a small foot print
  • High organic loading rates
  • Easy augmentation of old STP/ETP capacities
  • Easily enhance capacity by adding a new train of membranes
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