Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)

Wipro Water offers MBBR based industrial effluent treatment plant for industries that enable them to meet discharge norms as per statutory requirements. Wipro’s hands-on experience in designing MBBR based ETP and recycling systems, and expertise over several installation in handling pre and post treatment for ZLD requirement make us an ideal partner.

In contrast to the MBR membrane bio reactor a mixed bed bio reactor (MBBR) uses bacteria for the breakdown of impurities. The MBBR significantly increases the capacity and efficiency of existing wastewater treatment plants, while minimizing the size of new plant deployments. The MBBR makes it possible to attain good efficiency results of disposal with low energy consumption. MBBRs are used for the removal of organic substances, nitrification and denitrification.

We also offer sewage treatment plants with MBBR technology designed for residential and commercial complexes as ‘standard-packages’. Package STPs with MBBR are available from 5 KLD to 800 KLD capacity with MSEP or RCC construction.

Benefits of MBBR:

  • Compact with strong ability to accept /load variations/shock loads
  • Robust biofilm process - recovers quickly from acute toxicity and pHshocks
  • Offers excellent BOD/COD and pathogen reduction
  • No clogging of reactors and no sludge return
  • Low loading at the sludge separation stage
  • Digested sludge generation – no sludge digester required
  • Flexibility of reactor shape – existing tanks or basins may be used.
  • Activated sludge plants may easily be converted MBBR tanks resulting in considerably increased biological capacity
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