24x7 Services for All Types of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Across All Industries.

Wipro Water service division offers 24x7 services for all types of water and wastewater treatment plants, across all industries. Service available include

  • Comprehensive / non-comprehensive operation and maintenance contracts.
  • Design2Execution - retrofit / upgradation of existing plant.
  • Supply for all spares, chemicals and consumables.
  • Remote monitoring and automation set up / upgrade of process control.

Operation and Maintenance Services

Effective operations and maintenance translate to tangible savings in the future by means of optimizing energy, chemical and water consumption. Better asset management reduces or eliminates unplanned plant shutdowns and extends the life of equipment.

Wipro Water’s operations and maintenance services eliminate the need for an in-house team. An expert in the water domain, Wipro undertakes to manage facilities with innovative and effective solutions that secure the life of equipment and discovers avenues of further reduction of operating expenses. The overall aim of operation and maintenance is to ensure safety of people and process, operational efficiency and sustainability of water treatment facilities.

Our customized operating procedures comply with stringent safety norms, discharge limitations, supervision, on-call services, supply of all spares and consumables, and management reporting. Wipro develops and implements innovative plans to continually improve the performance and productivity of the facilities under contract. O&M customers get access to our wealth of technical knowledge, the latest technology and innovative solutions for operating and capital expenditure reduction. Our design engineers provide consultancy support on future expansion and retrofit needs as and when required. Subject matter experts perform periodic site visit, audit processes and conduct training on safety, equipment and best practices.

Wipro Water’s O&M services entail

  • 24x7 services by a skilled team of O&M professionals. The team provides on the job training, performs preventive assessments to mitigate the risk of water quality outage and maintains compliance to EH&S and industrial standards.
  • Water analysis, analytical and chemistry trials are carried out to enhance/troubleshoot performance and processes with a strong focus to reduce cost of operation.
  • Development of site safety standards, safety training, periodic refreshers, daily tool box meetings, performing risk assessment, hazard identification and mitigation plans, safety reports (near miss, incidents, observation, etc.) with periodic performance, process and quality audits.
  • Comprehensive maintenance program with inventory management that provides access to all maintenance skills and spares needed; a vast OEM network for specialized services to increase equipment availability and reduce turnaround time.
  • Pan India presence of experts, ensures fastest reach during contingency.
  • Custom automation solutions with remote monitoring to control processes automatically - without manual intervention.

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