Remote Monitoring

24x7 services for all types of water and wastewater treatment plants, across all industries.

Our service division offers 24x7 services for all types of water and wastewater treatment plants, across all industries. Service available include

  • Comprehensive / non-comprehensive operation and maintenance contracts
  • Design2Execution - retrofit / upgradation of existing plant
  • Supply for all spares, chemicals and consumables
  • Remote monitoring and automation set up / upgrade of process control

Real-time access to all significant operational control points of your treatment assets and process

Wipro Water’s remote monitoring systems help lower risks and improve operations at wastewater treatment plants. The large physical footprint of wastewater treatment plants renders human monitoring costly and difficult.

By installing remote terminal units (RTUs) at important asset sites, managers gain insights into the real-time equipment and environmental conditions across their network. We enable effective remote monitoring by leveraging technology we have developed to monitor plant performance in real time. Remote terminal units are equipped with sensors able to detect important conditions, such as - flow rate, water level, temperature, equipment conditions - pump oil pressure, temperature and fuel levels

We improve performance and target reduced operation costs by leveraging predictive maintenance and analytics to effectively track:

  • Raw water quality and quantity
  • Treated water quality and quantity
  • Chemical consumption
  • Power consumption
  • Health of critical components
  • Inventory levels

Advantages of remote monitoring

  • 24x7 monitoring of process critical parameters by a skilled team
  • Conformance to demanding statutory requirements
  • Real time data analytics for predictive analysis of equipment health; avoid down time, and optimize cost of operation; reports are generated automatically daily, weekly, monthly
  • Alerts on mobile and email during any abnormality - the system awaits manual intervention withing a specified timeframe else takes preventive measures automatically
  • 100% visibility of process from any remote location

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