Speciality Chemicals for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Wipro Water offers innovative chemical products, chemical dosing systems, operations, and monitoring services to solve efficiency and quality-related issues faced in water and wastewater treatment operations.

Our specialty products are formulated to the specific needs of industries and feed water quality rather than a generalized solution. Wipro Water recommends products and chemical treatment programs after a detailed evaluation of feed water quality, process design, and associated challenges backed by four decades of technical expertise in the water domain and by using advanced analytics.

Wipro Water Speciality Chemicals Portfolio Includes

1. Pre-treatment Chemicals

Wipro Water offers unique chemistry to replace the need of lime, soda ash, and dolomite to reduce high hardness and high silica in the clarification zone (clarifier/HRSCC) by precipitation. Our unique product is a highly concentrated liquid that reduces overall sludge generation by up to 85 % compared to conventional products. This immediately improves the TCO and mitigates safety-related hazards of your plant.

Products Usage
4100 Liquid chemistry for hardness and silica reduction
4200 Coagulant

2. Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano Filtration (NF) Chemicals

Wipro Water offers a specialty range of antiscalants that is highly effective in preventing membranes from scaling. Wipro Water also offers a complete range of acidic and alkaline cleaners and solutions for bio-fouling prevention to ensure consistent permeate water quality, reduced cleaning, energy optimization due to cleaner membrane surfaces, and longer production cycles.

Wipro Water Offers

  • General purpose RO and NF antiscalant
  • RO Antiscalant targeting specific ions
  • (high hardness and high silica at feed)
  • Acidic membrane cleaners
  • Alkaline membrane cleaners
  • Nonoxidizing biocides
  • De-chlorination agent
Products Usage
1101 Membrane antiscalant, effective LSI up to + 2.2, designed for small and medium systems
1102 Membrane antiscalant (concentrated)effective LSI up to + 2.6
2101 Recycle water RO membrane antiscalant
2102 Recycle water RO membrane antiscalant (concentrated)
5101 RO membrane silica antiscalant (up to 225 mg/l)
5102 RO membrane silica antiscalant (concentrated up to 275mg/l)
6101 Inorganic membrane cleaner
6102 Membrane acidic cleaner
7101 Organic membrane cleaner
7102 Membrane alkaline cleaner
8001 RO Membrane biocide (off-line)
9001 RO Membrane biocide (for online dosing)
3101 Reducing additive for RO system (de-chlorination agent)
3102 Alkalinity Booster for lean water (inorganic pH booster)
3103 Organic alkalinity booster additive for lean water (organic pH booster) does not add TDS to the feed water.
Other than the products listed above, we have products that address other challenges observed in RO systems.

3. Cooling Water Chemicals

Wipro offers a complete range of treatment chemicals along with dosing systems with onsite application services as an end-to-end solution against a variety of feed/make up water to ensure protection to metallurgies and enhance efficiency. Treatment programs are developed after thoughtful evaluation of design and actual site conditions to address specific site challenges.

Wipro Water Offers

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Bio dispersant with foam
  • Oxidizing biocide precursor
  • Non-oxidizing biocides
  • Organic close system inhibitor
Products Usage
5245 B/E Bio dispersant with foam
5664 E Oxidizing biocide precursor
5677 B Non-oxidizing biocide, slow acting
5603 B Non-oxidizing biocide,fast-acting
5007 B Corrosion and scale inhibitor
5103 B Organic biodegradable corrosion and scale inhibitor
5194 B Scale inhibitor and a polymeric dispersant
7144 E Close system inhibitor
7414 E Organic close system inhibitor
Other than the products listed above, we have products that address other challenges observed in cooling water treatment.

4. Boiler Water Chemicals

Wipro Water experts have developed state-of-the-art formulations to protect steam boilers by removing dissolved oxygen from feed water, controlling alkalinity buildup, and protecting against scale formation.

Wipro Water Offers

  • Catalyzed oxygen scavenger
  • Sludge conditioner and deposit controller
  • Alkalinity booster
Products Description
B771 Catalyzed oxygen scavenger for boiler-feed water
E7338 Sludge conditioner and deposit controller
B755 Organic alkalinity booster additive for lean water
B8010 Inorganic alkalinity booster additive for lean water
Other than the products listed above, we have products that address other challenges observed in boiler water treatment.

  • Performance Improvement

  • Improvement in plant availability

  • Reduce down time

  • Less sludge generation and specific power consumption

  • Less specific water consumption

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