TDS Removal through Ion exchange (Demineralization)

Wipro Water has over 200 demineralization plant installations in various combinations based on ion exchange technology. Ion exchange is one of the oldest and best-established technologies for the removal of dissolved solids and primarily salts in water. The process is also referred to as demineralization.

Wipro Water champions the science of ion exchange, from base exchangers to complex layered bed exchangers, to thoroughfare regeneration systems, co-current and counter current regeneration systems. Wipro Water also provides ion-specific exchangers, such as boron removal systems and arsenic removal systems, to name a few, apart from complete removal of dissolved solids. The systems designed by Wipro Water are durable and equipped for extended use.

The processes of water treatment in ion exchange technology are broadly classified into:

  • Softeners (base exchanger)
  • Conventional ion exchange columns
  • Layered bed systems
  • Dealkalisers
  • Condensate polishing units
  • Electrodeionizers
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