Wipro Moving Bed Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant

Wipro Water has developed the packaged Moving Bed Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant - MBBR STP that is easy to install and operate. The integrated unit is comprised of an aerator and an advanced aerobic-attached-growth biological treatment tank. The packaged plant is designed to treat all types of sewage water and comes with suspended carrier media polypropylene (PP), in a 25-30% fill ratio, that is kept in constant motion inside the MBBR reactor. The end product – recycled water is ideal for reuse for in toilet flushes, floor washing and irrigation.

The prefabricated MBBR STP, supplied in MSEP/MSFRP, has a small footprint and low chemical consumption. It uses a simple relay-based operation that requires minimal human interference and require little maintenance

Key advantages of our packaged MBBR STP include:

  • Outlet quality achieved TSS 5-10 ppm, COD 50-80 ppm, BOD 15-30 ppm
  • Capacity range available from 5 M3/day to 800 M3/day
  • Can be customized to fit with RCC construction and designed for higher capacities
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