Wipro Sequential Batch Reactor based Sewage Treatment Plant - SBR STP

The SBR STP standard package that Wipro Water designs treats wastewater such as sewage or output from anaerobic digesters or mechanical biological treatment facilities in batches. Wipro Water incorporates best-of-breed suspended growth biological treatment and decanting mechanism to guarantee smooth operations. This compact system recycles sewage for reuse in toilet flushes, floor washing, and irrigation.

Our package SBR is a compact single tank system that is integrated with a PLC for controlled cyclic operations to generated treated water of consistent quality. The plant is remote monitoring ready with SCADA/BMS systems. The SBR-STP can be installed easily in basements or low height sites. It is a good solution to retrofitting of old and non-performing STP’s - replace old SBR technology with high end SBR operation technology.

The key features our packaged SBR STP plants are: -

  • PLC based auto operation with a manual override and optional remote monitoring
  • Low power consumption, small footprint, low chemical consumption
  • Output: TSS <10 ppm, COD < 50 ppm, BOD <10 ppm
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